Community Garden Sites

Visit the application page for details on the plot assignment timeline and process. (If a map does not appear below, please scroll down for a list of sites.)


Site Name Location Details*
Airport Ann Arbor Airport 36 perennial plots
Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living - Discovery Garden 3941 Research Park Drive For all ages, includes raised beds for limited mobility gardeners
Buhr Park 2560 Towner Blvd. 8 perennial plots
Catholic Social Services 4925 Packard Rd. 7 annual plots, 5 perennial plots
Chapel Hill 3350 Green Rd. 20 annual half plots (on semi-private land)
Clague Elementary 2616 Nixon Rd. 8 perennial plots
County Farm Park A 2230 Platt Rd. 37 plots - mixed annual/perennial
County Farm Park B 2230 Platt Rd. 44 plots - mixed annual/perennial
County Farm Park - Discovery Garden 2230 Platt Rd. For all ages, includes raised beds for limited mobility gardeners
Ellsworth 2140 E Ellsworth Rd 4 perennial and 6 annual plots
Food Gatherers 1 Carrot Way 16 1/2 annual plots

Greenview & Scio Church  18 annual plots

Hillside Terrace
1939 Jackson Rd. 11 perennial plots

Hunt Park
1305 Daniel 11 annual plots
Johnson Preserve    
Lakewood Elementary 344 Gralake 10 perennial plots
Leslie Discovery Garden 1831 Traver 37 raised beds
Matthaei Botanical Gardens 1800 N. Dixboro Rd. 26 annual plots
Northside 809 Taylor 10 annual half plots
Scio 1293 N Zeeb Rd 18 annual plots
West Park Miller & Chapin 18 annual half plots
Wines Elementary 1701 Newport Rd. 5 perennial plots
Zion 1501 West Liberty  10 annual plots

*Please note that numbers of plots specified here are estimates and meant to give site visitors a sense of the site's size. Project Grow sometimes consolidates or splits plots to fit annual demand.