We are accepting applications for 2023. Click here to apply.

We're excited to meet and work with you in the coming season so be sure to review important information below. 

  • We are currently only assigning half plots at most sites.  Email info@projectgrowgardens.org if you are interested in a full plot to determine eligibility and availability.
  • Check out our Community Gardens page for loads of information on the different sites we offer - location, number and sizes of plots, types of soil and general site conditions.
  • All sites have gardeners that have been growing there for several seasons and thus have a strong return rate.  Smaller sites will have less openings as a result.  Apply early for the best chance to secure a plot.
  • An application is considered completed once the payment has been received.  If sending a check, the application date is the date the check is received, not the date the application was submitted.

These sites are now full:

  • Buhr
  • Catholic Social Services
  • Chapel Hill
  • Clague
  • County Farm
  • Ellsworth
  • Food Gatherers
  • Greenview
  • Hillside
  • Hunt
  • Lakewood
  • Matthaei
  • Northside
  • West Park
  • Wines
  • Zion

The following sites have availability (# of half plots available):

  • Airport
  • Leslie Discovery beds
  • Scio

If you would like to be added to a site waitlist, please send us an email (info@projectgrowgardens.org) and indicate the site name.  If a plot does open up, we will email you to check if you're still interested and take the application process from there.  Any plots available from the waitlist will be a half plot (~375 square feet).

Follow this link to apply for the 2023 season.


If you have any questions, get in touch!


Plot application opens


Deadline for returning gardeners to renew their plot from previous season


New applicants are assigned to open plots in order applications were received and according to preferences listed on application form. If we know of open plots before this time, we assign them to new gardeners. If  you are new to Project Grow, please apply as soon in the New Year as possible.

Wait List - Project Grow maintains a wait list for new gardeners unable to get a plot at their desired site, and returning gardeners who want more space than they now have. Because life circumstances change, we do not carry this list forward year to year. If you are interested in a different site, or more space at your current site, please tell us each year when you register. 


  • To be assigned to a plot, application and payment must have been received by Project Grow

  • We strongly encourage applicants to use our online application form

  • The application can be submitted with a mobile device but applicants cannot pay through PayPal from a mobile device when they apply. If you want to pay with PayPal, please do not apply using a mobile device.

  • If preferred, applicants may download a printable application and mail the completed version with payment to Project Grow, P.O. Box 130293, Ann Arbor, MI 48113

  • Low-income scholarship applicants must submit BOTH the standard application and the need-based scholarship application.