Saladette Tomatoes

Saladettes are medium in size and are among the most popular. They combine the prolific yields of the cherries with the more complex flavors and colors of the beefsteaks.

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Black Zebra

(75-80 days)

Small to medium brown globes striped with green. Flesh is reddish brown with a tangy, "smoky" flavor.


Cosmonaut Volkov

(70 days)

These deep red, slightly flattened 8-12 oz. globes deliver the true tomato taste: sweetly rich and full-bodied. Early ripening and long lasting producer on indeterminate vines.


Costolutto Genovese

(70-75 days)

Italian variety with heavy yields of scalloped red 4-ounce juicy fruit that has good fresh flavor. Costoluto means “ribbed” in Italian.


Garden Peach

(75 days)

Two inch yellow fruit resemble peaches in taste and appearance even down to its fuzzy skin.



(75-80 days)

A medium-sized mid-season red tomato from Sicily by way of Orvieto, Italy. Fruit have an intense, tangy tomato flavor that makes great sauces and is excellent fresh.