Paste Tomatoes

Paste tomatoes are usually used for drying and making sauces. They tend to be oblong, drier and contain fewer seeds than other varieties.

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(85-90 days)

Large late season paste tomato that lost its ID tag. It might be Howard German, but I just dunneaux. Each fruit can weigh 8 ounces and may exceed 6 inches in length while approaching 2" in width. Good fresh eating, in addition to great sauce.


Orange Banana

(85 days)

A very productive, beautiful light orange, elongated 2-4” paste tomato with a sweet, yet complex flavor.


Pirkstine Orange

75 days

Orange paste with very sweet, fruity flavor and succulent flesh.


Speckled Roman

(75-80 days)

Red, 4-6oz sausage shaped plums that taper abruptly to a sharp point. Juicy fruit are great fresh eating.