SOIL: Sandy loam

INDIVIDUAL PLOT MAINTENANCE: All gardeners are responsible for keeping weeds down in their plots and along the adjacent pathways. Please do not dump weeds outside of your plot. Instead, use them as a mulch within your garden! Mulches are wonderful helpers to gardeners, as they inhibit weed growth, conserve water, and promote a hospitable microclimate for plants and worms. Marsh hay is usually available in the spring, delivered to the garden from a local grower for a reasonable fee. If your are interested in learning more about marsh hay deliveries or for more information about mulching, contact your site coordinator or the office.

GARDEN MAINTENANCE: We are guests on this property. As such, we ask that you do not throw rocks or other debris into the mowed areas. And please keep all organic waste material inside of your plot, rather than dumping them into informal piles around the garden. Alternatively, organics can be take home for composting by the city. Later, as the fall clean-up occurs, these can be chopped up and left on site, where they will be plowed under, to return nutrients back to the soil. Please take all non-organic waste (plastic, fencing, etc.) home with you when you leave the site. Gardeners will be asked to help maintain unused plots and common areas from time to time. Help make the gardens beautiful this summer by maintaining your own plot and keeping the gardens free from debris, etc.

WATER: Hoses from the hydrant are provided.

COMPOSTING:  Any organic waste generated during the growing season may be tilled into the soil, placed in a designated compost area on-site, or taken home for composting by the city.  However, diseased plants should always be removed from the site, to minimize the presence of pathogens in the gardens. (A large pile of leaves is being composted on site during the winter of 2014-15 for use by gardeners in the spring.)

TOOLS: Wheelbarrow, rakes, shovels, hoes, and fork will be provided.

COMMUNICATION: Notices will be sent via email. The county is considering selling this property. If there are any significant developments, we'll inform the gardeners. (We expect to be able to complete the 2015 season.)

ABANDONED PLOTS: If your garden is not being used by May 31 we may considered it abandoned. Please let us know your special circumstances..

FALL CLEAN-UP: At the end of the season, organic material may be chopped up and spread evenly across your plot. Take home all non-organic material, i.e., fences, stakes, plastic, paper, etc. Please clean up your plot according to the guidelines set forth in the Member Handbook or contact the site coordinator to make other arrangements.

Moving? Please let us know so we can keep our mailing list up-to-date.

Gardener Comments and Suggestions

  • Easy access parking is great-