Mitchell Garden is an annual garden located in the lot between Scarlett and Mitchell Schools, off of Pittsview Drive. The garden is easily accessed from the parking lot at Scarlett.

MAP OF GARDEN:  Mitchell Map


SOIL: Texture - clay loam; pH is 7.4

INDIVIDUAL PLOT MAINTENANCE:  All gardeners are responsible for keeping weeds down on their plots and along the adjacent pathways. Various mulches may be used in your garden to inhibit weed growth, conserve water, and promote a hospitable microclimate for plants and worms. Marsh hay is usually available in the spring, delivered to the garden from a local grower for a reasonable fee. If interested in learning more about marsh hay deliveries contact your site coordinator.

GARDEN MAINTENANCE:  We are guests on this property. As such, we ask that you do not throw rocks or other debris outside of the garden perimeter; instead, put rocks on the rock pile at the end of the garden. Please take all non-organic waste (plastic, fencing, etc.) home with you when you leave the site. Gardeners will be asked to help maintain unused plots and common areas from time to time. Help make the gardens beautiful this summer by maintaining your own plot and keeping the gardens free from debris, etc.

WATER:  Water is provided by Mitchell School. Hoses attach to a spigot on the side of the building. Uncoiled hoses can be a danger to the many people who frequent the building.  Please be considerate and coil up the hoses after every use. If you spot a leak in the hose lines, either make the repairs yourself or notify the site coordinator.

Watering of gardens is never to be unattended; hose timers are prohibited.

COMPOSTING:  Any organic waste generated during the growing season may be tilled into the soil, placed in a designated compost area on your plot, or taken home for composting by the city.  However, diseased plants should always be removed from the site, to minimize the presence of pathogens in the gardens. 

Please do not create renegade compost piles anywhere outside of the garden site's perimeter.

TOOLS: This site has no shed or place to store community tools so please come prepared!

COMMUNICATION:  In recent years, we have used the garden group email list to make important announcements.  If you have not already notified us of your email address, let us know right away! Finally, e-newsletters will also contain important information about upcoming projects and events.

ABANDONED PLOTS:  Plots that have not been seriously worked by June 1st or are overgrown with weeds taller than 18” at any point in the season will be considered abandoned and may be reassigned. Contact your site coordinator or the office if you are having problems getting started or if you have to abandon your plot.

FALL CLEAN-UP:  Your plot must be cleared no later than the end of the day on the third Saturday, in October. Organic material may be chopped up and spread evenly across your plot, to be plowed under later. Take home all non-organic material, i.e., fences, stakes, plastic, paper, etc. Failure to clean up your plot according to the guidelines set forth in the Member Handbook may result in expulsion from the garden.