County Farm Discovery Garden

The gardens open in late April or early May, depending on weather. They close for the winter on the third Saturday of October.  All Discovery Garden gardeners receive an 18 or 24 square foot raised bed. Gardeners have on-site access to a community tool shed and  water

Map of County Farm Discovery Garden

The fee for a bed at the Discovery Garden is $50 for one or $80 for two.



Beds are between 18-24 square feet and range in height from 14-30 inches.

PARKING is available in the parking lot off of Platt Road. There is no vehicle access to the gardens.  Do not attempt to drive into the park. Wheelbarrows are available to transport materials from the paved parking area. Please return them to the tool shed after use.

INDIVIDUAL PLOT MAINTENANCE:  All gardeners are responsible for keeping weeds down in their bed.

TOOLS:  A limited supply of tools is kept in the tool shed located ion the south side of the entrance to the Discovery Garden. You will be supplied with the combination to the shed when you are assigned a bed. Always return tools to the shed after use.  Damage to equipment is inevitable; if replacements become necessary, call your site coordinator. If you have tools that you wish to donate to the garden, feel free to put them into the shed and then notify the office.

ANIMALS:  Woodchucks, deer, squirrels and other animals may visit this garden.  Low, one foot fences may help and should not impede gardening greatly.

WATER:  Water is provided by the County from a well. While perfectly fine for watering your plants, it is not recommended for drinking.  Potable water is available from a drinking fountain under the pavilion (as are lavatories).  If you spot a leak in the hoses, please notify your site coordinator. The water will be turned on after all danger of frost has passed and turned off prior to fall frost.

Watering of gardens is never to be unattended; hose timers are prohibited.

COMMUNICATION:  Watch the bulletin boards and feel free to use them to make announcements regarding garden business. Most communication with gardeners is via email.

ABANDONED PLOTS:  Beds that have not been seriously worked by June 1st or are overgrown with weeds taller than 18” at any point in the season will be considered abandoned and reassigned. Contact your site coordinator if you are having problems getting started or if you need to abandon your bed.

FALL CLEAN-UP:  Your bed must be cleared no later than the end of the day on the third Saturday in October. Failure to clean up your plot according to the guidelines set forth in the Member Handbook may result in expulsion from the garden.

In the fall, non-organic trash, along with diseased plants, should be disposed of in the dumpster, which will be provided specifically for fall clean-up. If you know you will not be returning, take away your personal belongings and clear out your entire plot.