We will begin accepting applications for 2021 on January 1st. Please apply here.

If you are new to Project Grow, please read our Introduction to New Gardeners to learn about gardening with us and choosing a site.


Gardener registration is our favorite time of year (even if it means a lot of work for our Managing Director, Kirk)! We're excited to meet and work with you in the coming season so be sure to review important deadlines and process details. If you have any questions, get in touch!


Plot application opens


Deadline for returning gardeners to renew their plot from previous season


New applicants are assigned to open plots in order applications were received and according to preferences listed on application form. If we know of open plots before this time, we assign them to new gardeners. If  you are new to Project Grow, please apply as soon in the New Year as possible.

Wait List - Project Grow maintains a wait list for new gardeners unable to get a plot at their desired site, and returning gardeners who want more space than they now have. Because life circumstances change, we do not carry this list forward year to year. If you are interested in a different site, or more space at your current site, please tell us each year when you register. 


  • To be assigned to a plot, application and payment must have been received by Project Grow

  • We strongly encourage applicants to use our online application form

  • The application can be submitted with a mobile device but applicants cannot pay through PayPal from a mobile device when they apply. If you want to pay with PayPal, please do not apply using a mobile device.

  • If preferred, applicants may download a printable application and mail the completed version with payment to Project Grow, P.O. Box 130293, Ann Arbor, MI 48113

  • Low-income scholarship applicants must submit the standard application as well as the need-based scholarship application

  • We encourage new and returning gardeners alike to read our Introduction for New Gardeners. This introduction provides basic information about what to expect, organic gardening, planning and upkeep. If you are new to Project Grow it also includes ideas to consider when choosing our garden site.