2020 Plant Sale

Every year Project Grow holds a plant sale offering hard to find heirloom tomatoes, peppers and basil.  This year we are offering 75 varieties of tomatoes, 23 varieties or peppers, 2 varieties of basil.

In addition, also offer lisianthus and sweet peas!

The peppers and basil will be started at the end of February and the tomatoes in mid-March.  These are large, husky plants sold in 3.5" pots.  We are growing them in our hoop house at Dawn Farm so they are already acclimated to cool temperatures, outdoor sunshine and spring breezes.


Tomatoes, peppers and basil cannot tolerate freezing temperatures and must be brought inside or protected from late spring frost. The lisianthus and  sweet peas are both cold hardy and can planted out right away.

Shoppers may visit the sale on:

  • Friday May 8th, 4 pm-8 pm
  • Saturday May 9th, 10 am-1 pm

Drive around the back of the main building at Dawn Farm and go to the hoop house. Please do not go to the office at Dawn Farm unless you want to buy eggs!

Read more about the plant sale, and how to advance order here

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