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Growing Tomatoes and Chilis - Secrets to Success

Learn the secrets to selecting and growing exceptionally delicious tomatoes and chilis, using organic practices. Discover the best cultivars to grow, along with tips to ensure a bountiful harvest. Royer Held, tomato and chili grower extraordinaire, will tell all in this class.

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The class is open to the public, and walk-ins are welcome. Cash only.

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Graft Your Own Tomatoes

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Event date:   April 2, 2017

Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable grown by home gardeners in the U.S.  Their luscious fruits, with that quintessential taste of summer, is the reward.  But tomatoes have some drawbacks:  they are subject to a host of diseases that affect their health and production.  To combat them, commercial growers are increasingly looking to grafting their favorite tomato cultivars on to tough, disease-resistant, vigorous root stocks. The result is an abundance of fruit on plants that can withstand blights, wilts, nematodes, and other fungal and bacterial diseases.

     For the first time, Project Grow is conducting a tomato grafting class that will allow our gardeners to join this movement to growing tomatoes better.  The class will be conducted by  Steve Bielas, excellent gardener at County Farm and experienced tomato grafter.  He will do a lecture/demonstration on grafting tomato seedlings, followed by a workshop where attendees will have the opportunity to practice and perfect their grafting skills on plants that they will take home.  The class is designed for experienced gardeners only, who grow their own tomato seedlings and want better health and yields for their efforts.  Class size is limited.  Registration is required. There is a fee of $15.00 to cover the cost of equipment and seeds

Ecosystem Gardeneing: An Introduction

This class is cancelled.

An approach to science-based urban gardening that integrates lessons from various programs - MSUE Master Gardener, MSUE SMART Gardener Volunteer, Washtenaw County Master Composter, Master Rain Gardener, Michigan Conservation Steward, and Urban Permaculture Design. 

Fee:  $5.  Register here.   Walk-ins welcome.