Using Garden Tools Wisely

 Tools are designed for specific tasks and work best when they are used accordingly. A variety of tools are intended, therefore, to deal with the many and varied jobs gardeners face:  creating garden beds, adding compost, digging holes, uprooting plants, removing weeds, and planting seeds, to name a few.  Tools are also an investment and need to be sharpened and cleaned regularly if they are to perform well.  This class, designed for new gardeners, will cover the efficient and effective use and maintenance of tools to deal with those tasks so that gardeners can be efficient, effective and successful gardeners!  Experienced Project Grow gardeners, Eric Meves, Jesse Raudenbush, Sharon Fay and Marcella Trautmann, will demonstrate the proper use and care of tools. Participants will have the opportunity to practice using a variety of tools.

The class is free but please register
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