Vertical Gardening - Watering Schemes [part 2 of 2]

Watering Schemes For Small-plot,  Raised-bed, and Container Gardens.   This class will look at suitable ways to water small-scale gardens, such as those found in community gardens (like Project Grow), in small raised-beds, in container gardens, and in small vertical garden walls.  We will explore installed garden irrigation systems suitable for specific small-space gardens using motorized and gravity-fed drip irrigation systems and recirculating water-systems.
Vertical gardening involves the use of vertical support systems designed to grow individual plants vertically rather than horizontally.  It is  a niche that evolved out of gardening in small spaces either by design or necessity as in urban settings.    Registration Fee: $10. 

The class will be taught by Master Gardener and Project Grow Board member Joet Reoma.

Please check the website to read about any changes to the course [eg:  time, location].