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Picking and fermenting

Fermentation is a great way to preserve the harvest. Fermentation is popular because it  is an energy efficient way to preserve food; produces  fermented foods that have health benefits such as: improvement of digestive function; may help diabetics; offers an array of possibilities; tastes better than commercially produced.

This class will be taught by Project Grow Board member and gardener Calin Sferdean.  Calin is a Romanian born scientist who loves gardening, cooking, baking and preserving foods. His nonprofessional interests include sustainable living and natural resources conservation. He successfully completed last year the master composting program offered by Project Grow.

Calin will share his family recipe that traveled with his family from unknown regions of Russia to Transylvania. The preparation involves combining simple ingredients such as: cucumbers,horseradish, garlic, hot peppers, thyme, carrots, parsley root, tarragon, thyme, salt and water to create crispy fresh tasting fermented cucumbers.

Note: This is a demonstration class.

Fee:  $5.  Register here.  Walk-ins are welcome.