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Introduction to Organic Gardening

Royer Held, expert gardener and great friend of Project Grow, will be teaching a course on organic gardening. Starting with its historical roots, the class will then focus on the soil, from which everything grows and whose care is a central theme of organic gardening. The class will then cover growing vegetables and promoting their growth.

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The class is open to the public, and walk-ins are welcome, space permitting.  Cash only.

Please check the website to read about any changes to the course [eg:  time, location].

Growing Tomatoes and Chilis - Secrets to Success

Learn the secrets to selecting and growing exceptionally delicious tomatoes and chilis, using organic practices. Discover the best cultivars to grow, along with tips to ensure a bountiful harvest. Royer Held, tomato and chili grower extraordinaire, will tell all in this class.

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The class is open to the public, and walk-ins are welcome. Cash only.

Please check the website to read about any changes to the course [eg:  time, location].

Gardening with Heirloom Varieties

There are a multitude of heirloom vegetable varieties that survive today thanks to home gardeners of the past. You can maintain that connection by saving heirloom plant varieties for future generations, while enjoying them today. Discover why it’s important to do so and key seed saving techniques. In doing so, you might even create you own “heirloom” vegetable variety! Royer Held continues his exploration of heirlooms in this class.

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The class is open to the public, and walk-ins are welcome. Cash only.

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Tips and Techniques 1: Planning Your Vegetable Garden

NOTE:   Date and Time for this class:  March 18, 10am - 1pm.  Location:  Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living.

This is the first of two classes  planned by Project Grow to help gardeners with the problems that are typically encountered throughout the growing season. 

This class is designed with the novice gardener in mind, though experienced gardeners may gain (and share) some ideas that will promote success in the season to come. Topics to be covered include, among others, factors to consider when designing its layout, selecting the vegetables to grow, deciding where and how you will plant them, managing weeds, and choosing materials and products to support and protect your plantings. Experienced Project Grow gardeners, Joet Reoma and Marcella Trautmann, are the instructors.

The next class will include information on:Dealing with Heat, Weeds, Watering, and Pests

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The class is open to the public, and walk-ins are welcome. Cash only.

Please check the website to read about any changes to the course [eg:  time, location].


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Graft Your Own Tomatoes

Currently Sold Out.

Event date:   April 2, 2017

Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable grown by home gardeners in the U.S.  Their luscious fruits, with that quintessential taste of summer, is the reward.  But tomatoes have some drawbacks:  they are subject to a host of diseases that affect their health and production.  To combat them, commercial growers are increasingly looking to grafting their favorite tomato cultivars on to tough, disease-resistant, vigorous root stocks. The result is an abundance of fruit on plants that can withstand blights, wilts, nematodes, and other fungal and bacterial diseases.

     For the first time, Project Grow is conducting a tomato grafting class that will allow our gardeners to join this movement to growing tomatoes better.  The class will be conducted by  Steve Bielas, excellent gardener at County Farm and experienced tomato grafter.  He will do a lecture/demonstration on grafting tomato seedlings, followed by a workshop where attendees will have the opportunity to practice and perfect their grafting skills on plants that they will take home.  The class is designed for experienced gardeners only, who grow their own tomato seedlings and want better health and yields for their efforts.  Class size is limited.  Registration is required. There is a fee of $15.00 to cover the cost of equipment and seeds

Tips and Techniques #2 Planting your Garden

If you are a novice gardener, or even an experienced one, attend this class to learn how to garden more effectively and efficiently in 2017. Experienced Project Grow gardeners, many of them master gardeners and composters, will share tips and techniques that have helped them to garden successfully.

Topics will range widely, to cover problems often encountered by gardeners at the start of the season, and will include, but are not limited to, the following: preparing beds for planting, choosing the right tool for the task at hand, amending the soil, decoding seeding and planting instructions, selecting appropriate staking methods and materials, using row covers effectively, watering wisely, preventing weeds, and the like. Class will be open to questions and individual problems.

Fee:  $5.  For Registration, click here.  Walk-ins welcome.

Ecosystem Gardeneing: An Introduction

This class is cancelled.

An approach to science-based urban gardening that integrates lessons from various programs - MSUE Master Gardener, MSUE SMART Gardener Volunteer, Washtenaw County Master Composter, Master Rain Gardener, Michigan Conservation Steward, and Urban Permaculture Design. 

Fee:  $5.  Register here.   Walk-ins welcome.

Biochar: What’s That?

This class is cancelled.

What is biochar? The Science Journal Nature called it “the state of the art” soil amendment. Organic Gardening Magazine says,”along with bags of potting soil, mulch and compost, you soon may see bags of biochar for sale at your local nursery”. The Philadelphia Inquirer says “An ancient , highly porous form of charcoal is being touted as a godsend for soil health and fertility - transforming farms, home gardens, and urban and suburban landscapes.” This class will explore the history and the science behind this 2000 year old soil amendment. It will also explain why biochar is being touted as weapon in the fight against climate change.  

 The class will be taught by Patrick Schoen, Patrick (Pat) Schoen founded Ann Arbor Biochar after a 30 year career teaching science. When Pat was 13, his teacher showed the class a film about deforestation and Pat has been committed to environmental causes ever since. He went on to get his BS from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and a MS in Environmental Science from Eastern Michigan. He is a member of the Citizens Climate Lobby and is acting as a CCL liaison for Michigan’s district 7. He spent many years as a volunteer with the Nature Conservancy and Department of Natural Resources restoring Oak Openings ecosystems.

Level of student who would benefit: Introductory to intermediate.

Fee:  $5.  For Registration, click here.  Walk-ins welcome.