New for 2015, we are charging a minimum $5 fee for all classes to discourage no-shows. To register and pay the fee you follow the registration link after the class description.

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Jesse Raudenbush, of Starr Valley Farm and third generation vermiculturist, will teach a class on the science of vermiculture, how to start and maintain a worm composting bin, and the benefits of worm castings in your garden. Students will make their own starter worm bin, create and add bedding, and finally add 1,000 Red Wiggler composting worms. All materials provided at time of class. Completed starter systems and worms go home with you and a set of notes on how to care for your worms!

The fee for this class is $30 which includes all materials.  Please visit Eventbrite to register

Note:  Due to the prep work required for this class, those interested in this class  must register in advance [no walk-ins].  Registration for this class will close June 6.

As there is a fee to cover materials, the $5 registration fee is waived

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Eat Your Weeds!

Vegetable gardeners bemoan the pesky presence of weeds that threaten to take over their garden.  Much work goes into weeding them out.  And yet in doing so, valuable foodstuff might be thrown away that are just as tasty and healthful, which grow without the need of coddling and care, and offer themselves free for you to harvest, if you only knew what they are!  Instructor, Inge Ferguson, will redefine what a weed is and show you the abundance of naturally growing new foodstuffs that grow in your garden. 

New for 2015**  $5/class fee for all classes to discourage no-shows. 

Registration is required. Walk-ins are welcome.

Please check the website to read about any changes to the course [eg:  time, location].

Kim Chi!

Learn how to make Kim Chi, a traditional fermented Korean side dish. Students will taste samples from a freshly made batch of Kim Chi as they watch how it is made, step-by-step. The kitchen has generous space for students to observe the techniques involved in making this dish, to get up close and personal with the ingredients, and to ask lots of questions. Students will take home some Kim Chi.  Note: This is a demonstration class.

The class is being offered by Linda Wan, passionate about Kim Chi and other fermented foods.

The fee for this class is $10, which includes all materials.  Please visit  Eventbrite to register