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Adventures in the Home Orchard

This virtual class introduces you to the wide variety of fruit and nut trees that can be grown successfully in your backyard. Learn about the challenges and rewards of growing your own orchard crops and which tree crops and native fruit varieties are suited to organic cultivation in a Michigan home orchard. Gain an understanding of the technical aspects of growing including how to obtain, situate, plant, and train different kinds of trees and how to grow high quality fruit without using insecticides and fungicides. There will be opportunities to ask your questions in real time and class will be recorded.

Instructor: Royer Held, Project Grow. 1 class. 

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The Science and Art of Compost Gardening

The Science and the Art of Compost Gardening

Thursday January 27th
This course highlights and illustrates tips and techniques of Compost Gardening, the practice of gardening that is mindful of improving soil health. Maintaining soil health is key to gardening practices required for continuous production of healthy crops. The class is based on experiences of County Master Composters and Extension Master Gardeners. Instructor: Joet Reoma

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Growing Currants, Gooseberries and Elderberries in the Home Landscape

Thursday February 3rd

Currants, gooseberries, and elderberries are handsome plants that produce delicious fruit that can be hard to find in the market. They are easier to grow than many other kinds of fruit, are small enough to fit into even small yards, and bear fruit at an early age. This short class will cover how to choose, grow, harvest, and use currants (red, black, and white), gooseberries, and elderberries here in southeastern Michigan. We will discuss which varieties to grow, and where, how and when to plant, fertilize, prune, propagate, control pests, and care for these plants. Instructor: Dave Strayer

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Month-By-Month Gardening in Michigan

Thursday February 24, 2022

Increase the productivity of your garden by learning the best time to plant, cultivate, and harvest vegetable varieties that do well in Michigan. Vegetables belong to different plant families that have distinct growing cycles and seasons. Recognizing this helps develop plans for gardening that maximize yields by taking advantage of the optimal times for plant growth and development. Material for the class is based on research and the experiences of Extension Master Gardeners and the Smart Gardening program of Michigan State University Extension. Particular attention will be given to backyard and community gardening. Instructor: Joet Reoma

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Fundamentals of Successful Organic Gardening

Thursday March 3rd

Learn how to develop and maintain a healthy organic soil, the key to successful organic gardening. Understand the role that microorganisms play in building soil and promoting plant health. Discover how to employ composting, mulching and cover crops to build soil productivity, increase microbial activity and provide timely release of plant nutrients. Gain an understanding about what vegetable varieties work best in an organic garden and how to plant, cultivate, support and manage their harvest as well as the basic principles of integrated pest management. Instructor: Royer Held

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