Project Grow's Board of Directors

Since its inception, Project Grow's Board of Directors has maintained an active and engaged presence in the organization. Its philosophy is to be a "working board" and that's a role board members take seriously. From longer-term strategic projects that help better fulfill Project Grow's core mission to weekend work parties at individual garden sites, the board members are out there getting their hands dirty alongside members (both literally and figuratively!).

The Board of Directors welcomes and encourages member input. Feel free to send thoughts and suggestions for the board to 

Current Board Members

Calin Sferdean, President

Calin lives in Ann Arbor and currently gardens at the Airport site. He graduated from the Master Composter class (2015) and is looking forward to developing new projects with Project Grow.

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Eric Meves, Treasurer
Eric has gardened continuously with Project Grow since it began in 1974. He's had gardens at Peace Neighborhood Center (now gone), then Zion Church (also now gone), and at several locations at County Farm, where he gardens presently. This is his second year on the Board and as Treasurer.
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Dave Corsa, Secretary
Dave has been a Project Grow gardener with his wife, Ann, for many years at Zion and Lakewood. He is a teacher at Eberwhite Elementary School where he works on the school garden and coordinates the flow of compostable materials from the lunchroom to Project Grow's Compost Education Center at The Leslie Science Center Project Grow site. He is the site coordinator for Lakewood.
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Sharon Fay

Sharon worked on managing the gardens at Forest Hills Coop for about 20 years. She is now at County Farm and wants to share her love of gardening with everyone.

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Royer Held

Royer’s experience with Project Grow began with a plot at County Farm in 1976.  Since then he gardened at Greenview and has been teaching gardening classes for Project Grow.  Among his interests are heirloom tomatoes, Bolivian potatoes, home orcharding, and soil science.

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Kirk Jones, Managing Director & Ex-Officio Board Member
Kirk gardened with Project Grow from 1985 until 2004 and for many years edited Grow's print newsletter. Before working for Project Grow, he owned and ran a cut flower business, Good Scents Gardens.
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Dan Noble

Dan rejoined the Project Grow board in 2020 after earlier serving a 2 year term from 2016-2019. He is the site coordinator for both Chapel Hill and Food Gatherers and has a special interest in promoting Project Grow's food donation efforts.

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Phimmasone Kym Owens

Kym started out as a gardener at County Farms Park in 2017. She completed the Master Composter class in the Fall of 2019. She is currently a part time student studying Environmental Science. She enjoys spending time with her kids, gardening, and cooking.

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Jesse Raudenbush

Jesse directs the Project Grow Compost Education Center (CEC) along with Joet Reoma.  He is a Michigan Master Gardener and an experienced  vermiculturist, in charged of the Vermiculture Program of Project Grow.  Jesse owns and operates the worm farming and horticulture design company,  Starr Valley Farms.  

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Joet Reoma
Joet directs the Project Grow's Compost Education Center (CEC) with Jesse Raudenbush. He is a MSU Extension Master Gardener, a Washtenaw County Master Composter, a Master Rain Gardener, a Conservation Steward, and Urban Permaculture consultant. He teaches in the Master Composter Certificate Program (MCCP) of Washtenaw County.  He coordinates the UofM-CEAL class, Engaged Academic Learning Through Community Gardening, in partnership with Project Grow. He dabbles in beekeeping, vermiculture, aquaponics, and deep organic gardening. Outside of gardening, he serves as a local and national Red Cross volunteer, and a local member of CERT, Community Emergency Response Team..
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 Joe Schutte

Joe has been gardening since his early teenage years. After buying a condo he had to rent garden plots, originally in Livonia Michigan located at Greenmead.   At that time he decided to specialize in heirloom tomatoes. The desire to grow organically drew him to Project Grow. He gardens at Food Gatherers. While he still grows mostly heirloom varieties, he always includes hybrids plants to as they are better for donation to Food Gatherers.   

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 Joanie Stovall

Joanie Stovall joined the board in 2019.  She is a site coordinator at the County Farm gardens where her family gardened back in the 1970's.  She completed the Master Composter class in the Fall of 2019 and looks forward to working with this great community of gardeners.


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