We are no longer accepting advance orders for our May plant sale. Please still visit the sale in May! Details here.

Project Grow is now accepting applications for 2021 garden plots! You can apply here.

Demand for gardens is very high this year. We still have plots and beds at:

  • Beds at all three Discovery gardens at County Farm, Leslie Science and Nature Center and Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living.
  • Chapel Hill -  plots are not assigned to non-residents until after April 1st.
  • Scio

The following sites are full:

  • Airport
  • Buhr
  • Catholic Social Services
  • Clague
  • County Farm
  • Ellsworth
  • Food Gatherers
  • Greenview
  • Hillside Terrace
  • Hunt Park
  • Lakewood
  • Matthaei
  • Northside
  • West Park
  • Wines
  • Zion

If you are only interested in a plot at one of the full sites, please email us at telling us where you would like a garden. Plots sometimes open because of cancellation or because the gardener fails to begin their garden by June 1st.



Leslie Science and Nature Center

The LSNC Discovery Garden will be reopening in 2021! For details, please visit the LSNC garden page

Project Grow provides Ann Arbor–area residents with the space, know-how, and inspiration to grow their own fresh, organic food. Gardens are located throughout the community, many near public transportation, so you can choose a site that's close to home. Project Grow identifies under-developed land, arranges for its use, and maintains it as part of our network of community gardens. We provide raised beds and programs for children, seniors, and gardeners with disabilities, so everyone can participate!

Project Grow is a private, non-profit organization that relies on the support of our community for volunteer help, equipment donations, and funding. Please get involved, and grow with us!

Upcoming Events:

Fundamentals of Successful Organic Gardening

Learn how to develop and maintain a healthy organic soil, the key to successful organic gardening. Understand the role that microorganisms play in building soil and promoting plant health. Discover how to employ composting, mulching and cover crops to build soil productivity, increase microbial activity and provide timely release of…

Tomatoes and Chilis in the Organic Garden

Secrets to growing healthy and productive tomato and pepper plants will be revealed in this class. Pruning, pinching, mulching and the use of proper vine support will be presented. Common diseases and their control will be discussed. New developments in the breeding of heirloom tomatoes and the vast array…

Growing Raspberries and Blackberries

Learn how to plant and maintain a healthy and productive bed of raspberries or blackberries. Available varieties will be presented and discussed. Understand why more canes don’t mean more fruit and what to do to improve your yields. Pest problems common to cane fruit and means to control them…

Seed Potatoes, Potato Seed and Sweet Potato Slips

Learn all about the origins of potatoes and sweet potatoes and the different ways they can be grown. Special attention will be paid to the cultivation of indigenous potato varieties from Bolivia, Peru, and Chili. While the Michigan growing season is too short for sweet potatoes to produce seed,…

Pollinators and Their Flowers

Honey bees are important pollinators, but they aren’t the only ones! Not only that, but they were introduced to America from Europe. Find out about all the other pollinators that are visiting your garden and how to keep them happy and well fed. We will explore the relationship between…